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There's never a manager working when you need one. And if you ask for one the service is lousy. I stopped shopping at Jewel Osco because their idiots.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jewel Osco Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To Bad Management, Bad Service Service Wow. so much hate and arrogance.

I'm not buying into your review. Jewel osco has a lot of employees that are into the store, that are always sweet and helpful. Sounds like you're fabricating and lying just because you're waiting.

You're the perfect example of the customers that think they are always right. If anybody is an idiot, its customers like you who are inpatient!

to Anonymous Departments 2018 #1595855

To: Anonymous Departments. You're 100 percent accurate.

I am an employee at an an retail company. The employees and managers always have too deal with entitled customers who think they are always right. I have had so many stories about what had happen too the employees and the managers. While i was working into one of the departments i putting the overstock onto the shelves.

There was an couple. They asked me where something was at. I am always able too help out the customers when they need finding something into the store. The item they were looking for were out of stock.

The couple rolled their eyes, and rudley and arrogantly said, "No." "No." "No." "You're going too get your manager because you're not doing your job!" Too come too find out they did this and said this too the others managers and employees into the store. They told them the same thing about the item that the item was out of stock. " The manager said, "Sir and Ma'am, were are out of stock." The couple said, rudely and arrogantly, "Here's what you're going too do, you're going too walk your butt too the back room and get what we asked for. Remind you other employees and managers go too the the back room too the store too see if you've got an shipment in.

The husband said, rudley and arrogantly, "Now is when we are going too have an problem with the store and the employees or the managers." Why do they have too hire people who are uneducated and and brainless?" The wife said, rudley and arrogantly, "Well. " That's because they have too hire...people. These ...people are so dumb." You know racially profiling the employees and the managers, including the other customers. As an store were are able too take things in and let things go, but when we have had enough, we have had enough of people being mean and nasty too other people.

The manager said, "You are able too leave!" The other manager said, "We are not playing with you." The couple said, "Good. We wouldn't want an...person too serve us." This couple left and spit at the customers and the employees at the management. We had too call the cops.

My heart and soul goes out too any retail worker that has too deal with customers like this. Customers from ***

to Anonymous Customer Care 2018 #1599986

To: Anonymous Customer Care Agreed. I am always feeling mad and sad about the way we are treated by customers who they are entitled.

I am an retail worker at an location. While i was working overstock. I am facing the shampoos and body washes. A customer came too me and asked me where something was.

I am always able too go out of the way for the customers and the employees. So I showed the customer what the customer were looking for. I hated and have no respect for this customer. Here's why.

This customer was so mean and nasty too the employees and too the management about coupons, the sales or the deal too the stores. I have two stories about this customer. 1st story This customer came too where the baggers and the checkers were at. We were bagging and checking for this customer.

The employees and managers would always greer this customer, nice and sweet. This customer said rude, "Hello." While this customer would always leave. We would say, "Thankyou for shopping." The customer said, "Whatever." Sometimes, this customer would always want too bag the groceries. So we would let the customer do that.

Then the customer would blame and shame the employees and management too allow this. 2nd Story: Deli Department. This customer came too the deli department. The customer was buying an bucket of wings and sweet tea.

The customer did not like the sales or the deals there. The customer said rude, "You know its not too hard too do your job behind the counter. You're lucky you're not going too get the *** beat out of you thinking you're working into where you're from. These people can speak..." "These people can speak." Let's just say, i am not going too say what the customer said.

It was so mean and nasty. The customer grabbed the bucket of wings and threw them at the employees and the managers who working there. The manager too the deli department, "Goodbye, you're not going too get served here!" While the customer was leaving, the customer slapped the employees and the managers into the face.

The manager said, "We told you. You're banned!"

to Anonymous Customer Care 2018 #1628198

To: Anonymous Customer Care Service 2018 Agreed. This sounds like an customer who i have had.

This customer was lying and fabricating while going from the inside too outside of the store. We greeted and helped this customer. This customer was getting mad and angry about the prices. This customer was lying and fabricating too the manager saying that nobody greeted or helped him.

We did. We went out of this way for this customer. Even the manager caught this lying and fabricating customer. This customer was being so rude and arrogant bossing the other employees and managers.

Telling the employees and managers too do their jobs. While screaming, getting into the employees and management faces.

The other employees, managers and customer confronted this rude and arrogant customer. I wanted too slap this customer for the way that this customer was treating others like *** I wish we could fix stupid people playing stupid games and and winning stupid prizes!

to Anonymous Departments 2018 #1606436

To: Anonymous Departments. I am agreeing with you and all the others about these mean and nasty customers.

While I working putting the overstock back. While i was by the bakery, i was putting away the stuff that needed too go back there. An couple came up too me and said this too me, rudely, The wife "Excuse me!" The husband said, "Were are into an hurry. Let's go." Replied "Hello." "And how are we able too help you with what you're looking for today?" I am always nice and sweet too help out the customers, the employees and managers.

Both of them asked: "Are you going too help us or are going too need someone else too help us?" The stuff that they were looking for was onto sale at the bakery. I am always able too help others who ever needs me too help them. Remind you i already asked them. So i asked them again, nice and sweet, thinking maybe they did not hear me asking them what I am able too help them with.

This couple was so mean and nasty because other employees told them and was showing them the different sales and the different prices onto the bakery department. This couple thought i was going too tell them an different price and sale onto the department. The husband: "That's not the price of the cake. I want too speak someone with an brain and education.

Unlike yours." The wife rude: "No. No. No. I want too speak with someone who wants too talk english." I am like, "Excuse Me?

I am." I am still nice and sweet, even though this couple is so terrible and horrible too the other managers and employees. just like the way i was being treated. I am always sweet and nice. But when i am done with mean and nasty customers, i mean i am done with mean and nasty customers.

This couple were buying their stuff. I am not kidding when i am saying, what happened next was so uncalled for, rude and arrogant. The couple were checking out the cakes and the pies. The wife was behind me.

The husband was into the front of me. I noticed that they had two large cakes. They opened the cake cases. They slammed the cake cases onto the ground, next too where i was standing.

They bumped into me, while tripping me, while i was landing into the cake. The husband and wife, rude and arrogant,"Oops. Now, you're going too do the prices." I had an couple. This couple thought that they should try me.

And they failed. Let's just say i chased them from the inside too the outside of the store for what they did. They are banned. We had too call the cops.

We had too tell the cops about what happened too the store. I'm hoping they catch the couple that did this. Any retail worker, I'm blessing your heart and your soul with the entitled customers.

All of the employees and managers do not need too be treated like this by entitled customers. It's not worth it.

to Anonymous Frosty and snowman 2018 #1612483

To: Anonymous Frosty And Snowman 2018 Agreeing with you and all of the others. No employee or no manager needs too deal with entitled customers.

While i was working an shift. I was helping out the different departments. At this point, I was helping out the employees at the floral department. We were so busy this day and this night, because it was the holidays.

I was into the charge of reorganizing the flowers that the customers were buying or exchanging or returning. While i was dropping off the flowers too where they were at, there was this couple. They were so mean and nasty with an attitude. The husband said rude, "Excuse me!" The Wife said rude, "Excuse me." This happened before i am able too help them or ask them what they are looking for.

I am like, nice and sweet, "Hi. How are we able too help you with what you're looking for? They asked me what the deal were onto the roses. While i was showing them the displays of the sales for the holidays.

They asked me if I was the one into the charge of the coupons or the sales into the store. I am always helpful too others, customers and employees. I said, nice and sweet, "I'm sorry Sir and Ma'am. I am not.

I am able too go get one of the managers too talk you and too help you out with that. The couple said rude, "No. No. No.

You're going too override this sale with these flowers." I am like, "Okay. You think that I am are going too tell you an different outcome about the sales and the coupons of the store?" The Wife said, rude, "Leave us alone." The Husband said, "Were not talking too you and don't want too deal with you. We need an 'real' sales associate too help us out." This happened, while they were asking the other employees working there next too isle over if someone else is able too help them with the sales and the coupons. Remind you they told this couple more than twice they are not into the charge of the coupons of the sales.

They told the manager was coming. Those other employees were being treated the same. The other customers and employees were shocked and appalled while standing up for the employees and the managers. The Wife said, "This what happens when they hire people who do not know what they are doing." The husband said, "Well.

Now. Now when they should watch the people they hire." While i was being treated like *** by this couple, i was not going too let them bring me down. Until this happened. The manager too the department was coming too where we were at.

The couple said, rude and arrogant, "Wow. Ten Minutes." I am not kidding when i am saying it took about two or three minutes for the manager. The couple was complaining and saying they we refused too serve them, being rude and arrogant with them for an half an hour. When, they were into the store for about 5 minutes before they asked too speak too the manager.

And they continued too lie and fabricate, and said, And we been arguing with them over sales and the coupons. When all of this time, all i am doing is being nice and sweet with the other employees.. This couple was lying and fabricating as they are going. The manager knows all of the employees are nice and sweet.

The manager said, "Sir and Ma'am..." Before this manager is able too say anything, this couple said, rude and arrogant, "Well. This is what happens when they put deaf employees and managers at the store who are deaf." At this point, I am pissed off. I am alway cool and collected. But when i am having enough, I mean i am having enough, especially with entitled customers that are mean and nasty too employees or managers who are doing nothing wrong, as they are just doing their jobs.

The manager said, "There's the door. You are able too take you and your attitude with you." Me, I am like "You're not going too be served." The couple said, "Excuse us?" This happened while the couple had the nerve too take out the flowers from where they were at. They had thrown them at me and at the other employees, including the manager at the department. They destroyed the flowers.

I walked from the back of the counter too the front of the counter, The other manager said, "We told you you're going too get out. Or were going too throw you out, so far out onto your...thinking you are shopping somewhere else." This couple refused too leave. I walked from the back of the counter and the front of the counter. Me, I am like, (at this point, i am boiling) "If you're not going too out of this store.

I am going too throw you out, thinking you're shopping at an place you hate. And you could take you and your attitude with you." This couple were running from the inside and the outside the store. At this point, we had called the cops. This couple was banned from the store.

I am hoping no employee or manager had too deal with what we went through as employees.

This was so terrible and horrible. It goes too show entitled people are going too lose, just because they think they could get their way.

to Anonymous Managers Employees 2018 #1613287

To: Anonymous Managers and Employees and 2018. Agreed.

I am bagger at an retail company. We were busy up front. One night, they over scheduled the baggers and the checkers. They asked me if i wanted too do overstock and help out the different departments with their overstock and their facing, and stocking.

While i was working onto this. I was at farmstand, doing some of the facing and stocking. There was this customer. This customer was behind me.

This customer was so so rude and arrogant. I asked this customer, "Hi. Do you need help with something?" This customer said, rude and arrogant, "Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me. I am into an hurry." "I need you too show me where the gift-sets and the gift baskets for the farmstand are at." I am not kidding when i am saying, you could hear this customer screaming this. I am trying too be the nicest and sweetest too this rude and arrogant customer showing this customer the displays of the sets that we had for the holidays. The customer said, rude, "No.

No. No." "This wrong price onto the wrong gift-sets and gift baskets." While i was double checking the prices and the sales onto the gift-sets and gift baskets. They came up too the price that what they were onto the basket and gift-sets. I am, still trying too be nice and sweet, "I am so sorry.

This is the price of the baskets and gift-sets." This customer said rude, "Well. I am starting too see someone who does not know what they're doing." I am like, "Excuse me. I am know what i am doing. I am just doing my job." I am like, "Do you want me too call the manager over too have them talk too you about this?" I am able too do this." This customer said, rude and arrogant, "Whatever.

This store is full of...." Let's just i am not going too say what this customer said. It was so rude and arrogant. The manager came over too the department. The customer said rude, "Your employees and managers are refusing too help me.

I am waiting here for 30 minutes. I have not had anybody help me." Remind you, I asked this customer. This customer was lying and fabricating though the mouth and teeth. This customer came into the store about ten minutes or fifteen minutes.

I saw the other employees and managers helping this customer into the different departments. After this, we thought this customer came and left. I talked too the managers about the situation. The customer returned.

This is where trouble stated again. While i was finishing up my shift. I saw the customer at the front desk. The customer was spraying all of the fruit and veggies with something that was inside of the cart.

The customer came and left again. This customer return again, and brought back all of the fruit and veggies. This customer said, "It' smells so bad. " The employees and the managers saw what covered into it.

Let's just say, i am not going too say what it smell like. It was so gross and disgusting. But i caught what the customer was doing. I talked too the manager too the department, and told them about the customer.

They caught the customer. They caught the customer with an spray bottle that smelled like what the fruit and veggies were covered into. They looked into the camera, red-handed.

This customer was arrested. The employees and managers should not have too deal with stupid customers wanting too play stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

to Anonymous Departments 2018 #1622951

To: Anonymous Departments. I am agreeing.

Entitled Customers are horrible and terrible too people. I have had an customer horror storytime. While i was working into the front end with the other employees and the managers we had this customer into the store. I was working and cleaning behind the front desk.

I asked an customer if that they need help with anything. They asked too speak too an different or employee. This customer said rude, "Oh. You think i am wanting you too help me?" I want too have an different manager or an different employee, an....manager or an...

employee." "Not, you." Let's just say, i am going too say all of what this customer said. It's was so rude and arrogant, and racist. You know racial profiling. I am like, "Excuse me?" This customer said rude, "Give me an...manager or an...employee or i am going too get you fired.

You're going too unemployed if you don't do this." This customer had the nerve oo repeated it. I am so shocked and appalled from what i am hearing. The other customers and employees had heard what this customer said. They confronted this customer.

There was this so sweet and nice couple said this too this customer, rude, "Okay. You're able too leave.

" And you could take you and your comments and attitude with you.!" This customer said rude, "...You" This couple knocked out this customer. I am also going too add, this customer was saying the same thing too the other customers as well as the employees and managers.

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